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  We offer Professional Fire extinguisher & Fire System Service!




  • Western Pennsylvania

  • Northern West Virginia

  • North Eastern Ohio


Our War: Fire extinguisher certification requires an annual inspection by a certified state licensed technician to keep your business

compliant with state fire codes. We offer the lowest prices around with our like new rebuilt line of fire extinguishers. We can refill or install

any fire extinguisher onsite at your location to save you time and money.


6-YEAR: Dry chemical fire extinguishers over 6 years old require a recharge and a 6-year maintance.

In addition to certification, the technician will discharge the fire extinguisher, inspect the inside walls, and change any expired parts.


12-YEAR: Dry chemical fire extinguishers over 12 years old require a recharge and a hydro-test. This tests accurate pressure by

filling an emptied fire extinguisher with water and pressurizing it to manufactures test pressures.


RECALL: Any stored pressure fire extinguisher made before 1985 should not be used and discarded.

Certifications: FARNER FIRE employee's are:                                                                                    

  1. Nfpa10 certified.

  2. Amerex certified.

  3. Protex system certified.

  4. PA OH WV STATE LICENSE  PA #EXT4477BDF OH #54894427 WV #PE14477BDF0613 

  5. Hazmat certified.

  6. Fuction specific certified.

  7. General Awareness certified.

  8. Security awareness certified.

  9. First aid certified.

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